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Story of Dewi - Part 1

It was towards the end of twilight by now, Kali and her 2 daughters Dakini; the Dusky one and Varnini; the Vivid one were all done with their ritual baths by now at the banks of river Mandakini, which flows gracefully along the Jola & Uchola valleys from the Glacier mother Chorabari down to the slopes of Rudrapraayag to the feets of Lord Rudranatha, a spot where Shiva & Narada Marshi had a grand discourse on the Sangita of the Divine many centuries ago. Here at the valley of Jola – Uchola, the river is at the most peaceful of its course, She flows ever softly gently eroding the valley to its deeper variance.

As the moon started to rise over the mountains of the East, Kali had not completely done drying her long black hair, thus she left it dishevelled in the winds & quickly packed the remaining ornaments they left by the shores. Dakini quickly carried Her Khadga on her right hand following their Mother by her right side, while Varnini held her conchshell by her left accompanied by her Khadga on her right hand following their mother from the left. All three of them adorned themselves with their favorite Mundamala; the garland of severed demon head and their favorite Hastamekala; the girdle of severed demon hands both being their rewards of bravery from the previous battles they had in the underworld. With their wet hair still dischevelled reaching upto their calves, the Mundamala swaying on their nakes chests and the Hastamekala swinging in the same move of their hips, Kali, Dakini & Varnini were walking uphill towards Mount Kailash where their abode was situated.

As Kali dried her ebony black hair at the length of her calves to the blowing winds of the north, Dakini had their ornaments sorted around the shores of the graceful Mandakini while Varnini was busy immersing herself into the blue waters of the streams. The playful Dakini kept teasing Varnini over her intense desire over playing with the waters of Mandakini, yet Kali had to intervene once a while to stop this 2 childish daughters of her into breaking into a quarrel.

As the three walked across the Jola-Uchola valleys along the Mandakini, Dakini inquired Her mother of her Divine pastimes, Kali to this narrated many of her favorite allegories, to this Varnini who was far behind in the path quickly joined in to lend an ear to their Mother’s Great pastimes. As the three were walking down the slopes & climbing uphill, Kali’s narration kept them in an intense mirage of wonders, listening to their mother’s narration both Dakini & Varnini were immersed into a world of imagination.

Many centuries ago …

It was during the time of the Great Plague, all the Goddesses were out at war in the underworld, this time it was the tyranny of the Demon Rakthabeeja; the Demon who seeds with his blood, was in battle together with Shumba, Nishumba, Chanda & Munda with Durga; the Invincible Virgin. Though a separate incarnation of Durga, Chandi had slained Chanda & Munda claiming Herself the name of Chamundeshwari, Rakthabeeja still remained alive. Every drop of his blood grew into a new demon forming an army of million Rakthabeejas, Durga who was Invincible Herself was taken aback by this alarming adversity. She battled a few of the approaching Rakthabeejas, but to her avail a new Rakthabeeja sprang forth on each drop of blood Durga left behind.

While Durga was busy slaying the approaching Rakthabeejas, the accompanying Matrikas fiercely engaged in killing the vast army of the demons. Varahi & Maheswari seated on their chariots were slicing of every limbs of the demon infantry, to this Brahmani & Vaishnavi released numerous showers of arrows from the sky riding on their floating vimanas. On the other side, the advancing demon army were halted by the courageous Ambika, Vajri & Yami; all equipped with weapons of great annihilation. By the time of the 3rd waxing moon, almost all demon were successfully annihiliated by the Matrikas, however, Durga was still in batlle with the approaching Rakthabeejas unable to fight any longer, she frowned at Rakthabeejas & from her 3rd eye, sprang forth Kali. With a body in the shades of blue & grey, with a body almost naked and hair dishevelled, wielding the Khadga, Kapalaka, offering the Abaya-Varada mudra, adorned with feminine ornaments like Kangkanas, Kundalas, Nasabharana, Anguliyakas, Katisutra & a Kirita on the top of her head.

Kali’s face was so bloodcurdling, that many of the Rakthabeejas moved back in fear, yet some stood to face her, with her eyes popping in vengence & her tongue lolling out in thirst for blood, Kali was the biggest fear Rakthabeeja had ever faced knowing that Kali would devour every single drop of blood they shed, Rakthabeeja’s fears grew hefty. As Kali approached the Rakthabeeja army, Durga & the accompanying Matrikas left the Underworld for good, leaving the Rakthabeejas in the torments of Kali, unable to see an horrendous bloodshed is about to take place.

Kali marched towards the Rakthabeejas, they deeming Kali to be another woman just like the previous Matrikas, jumped forth wielding their swords & shields. But Kali’s turmendous powers were no match for the sluggish Rakthabeejas. Kali just attacked them with her full fury, she chopped off their heads, and before the shoots of blood hit the grounds, she held them on her kapalaka, drained every single drop of blood of their demonic heads into her Kapalaka, then with a swift act she gulps all that right into her throat, this bloodthirsty act petrified the Rakthabeejas and they soon started dropping their heavy swords & shields, running away from the the killing machine; Kali!

Devouring the Rakthabeejas was an easy task for Kali, she grabbed each of the Rakthabeeja effijies by her 4 hands, bit off their heads and munched them in, the remaining defunct bodies She used them as pitchers to feed Her their internal organs & blood! It was the Most abhorrent scene the Matrikas had ever seen, Kali fury was unmatched even to The Most furious of the Kalabhairavas. Her attack was such a dreadful sight that the Matrikas left the battlefield in a mixed emotion of conciliation and disgust! Never have The Matrikas seen such a horrid act being done by a Divine being, even worse. A divine creation of Durga would turn out to be such gruesome soldier in act! Kali was such a menace in the battlefield that even Durga did not want to be there to witness such a hideous act happening before her eyes.

Kali being left alone became even more horrible in her acts, with no one to stop nor be detested at her moves, she greedily munched & gobbled every single Rakthabeeja who came on Her path. The entire realm of underworld was filled with the screeches and howlings of the dying Rakthbeejas. The sounds of these gruelsome creatures was so loud that the noises were even heard in the Bhuvarloka! Kali eventually gobbled all, that is all of the Rakthabeeja that ever came into existence that very day. Leaving the prime Rakthabeeja to run a few miles for his very life, Kali chase him with full furry & lastly grabbed him with her four arms. She bit his flesh piece by piece & ate her final underworld meal she could have with satistfaction.

The accumulation of Rakthabeeja’s flesh in Her diet made Kali severely drunk over the taste of blood, especially the blood of a mere mortal. Looking towards the pathway that leads to the mortal world; Bhuloka. Kali danced Her way through in curiosity to taste the blood of those mortals who lived in the mortal realm. Too drunk over blood, Kali failed to realise that the mortals who lived on the other side of the pathway were mortal humans, those children these Matrikas fought to keep safe but now it all may seem to come to a blunder!

Watching this from a far,

the deities in Amaravati were all trembled to the fact that Kali is marching towards Bhuloka. If she would ever set Her feet on the Human realm, she might drink them all up & leave it to look like another underworld. Who shall they all run to? Vaikunta was the only answer … running towards Vishnu for refuge, the deities of Amaravati were all lamenting & pleading for Vishnu to intercede into the horrid matter, to stop Kali from entering the mortal world & causing danger to their children. Unable to intercede nor think of an easy solution, Vishnu told Indra and the other accompanying deities to seek Shiva for help.

By now,

Kali had already walked to the vicinity of Bhuloka, she could already smell the fresh scent of human flesh & the warm blood in them that keeps it alive and moving. As she danced Herself to the entrance of the mortal realm, she came to an abrupt hault, something stopped Her from moving any further, it was as if a huge boulder was in between Kali and Her path. Her thirst for human blood pushing Her forward, the bewildered Kali stepped unto this uncertain obstacle & stomped on it as brutal as she could.

In a telescopic distant,

The deities of Amaravati had gathered to spectate the unusual incident, some rumours had gone rampant between the prying mouths of those deities. The darkness of the underworld filled with the fumes & smoke due to the battles had kept the scene less obvious to these spectators. Some thought it was a mere boulder, some thought it might be a rubble made by the intense batte that took place a while ago, or maybe it is Rakthabeeja himself had come back to redeem his vengeance! To this some of the traumatic deities ran back to their chambers unwilling to watch another mixed sight of slashing, severing and blood-drinking anymore!!!

Kali who had become furious over this obstacle grew even angrier than before, she stomped this boulder really hard with her right leg while balancing her blood-drunken self with her left. Not being able to break free from this silly enclosure, Kali lolled her blood drenched tongue and blazed her eyes towards the mortal realm, in an intense appetence for some warm human blood! Still drunken over blood, flesh & all those distasteful internal organ meal, she trampled over this useless boulder as violently as possible only to be stopped by a weakened grunt from below …


It was not a boulder, not a rubble from the battle nor even the insidious Rakthabeeja, it was a mere mortal! Kali being in a state of utter confusion at this; neither was she drunk, nor was she sober, neither was she famishing for more blood nor she was distressed over the long-enduring battle she had chasing … catching … severing … blood drinking those ruthless Rakthabeejas!  With her sheer confusion getting worse, she tilted her bloodcurdling face downwards, her eyes inclined lower to inspect at this annoying obstacles for once!

There laying faced down unconscious was a mortal, off about 6 feet in the horizontal length, with long brown matted hair, body smeared with a commixture of ash & sand, with the waist clothed with a rustic skin of a slain tiger, feet & arms decked with tribal bangles made of precious metals and his body marked with sacred symbol of Tripundra thilaka. Looking at this, Kali deemed the man to be just a mere sadhu, and his flesh may not taste as tender as the other beings of the mortal world, nor his blood would ever be refreshing due to the severe fasting he must had gone through. Using her feet she simply kicked him off her path, only to be astounded by the fact of his real identity …

It was the lord of the lords, the one who adorns the moon as his arch ornament, the lord who smears ash all over his body, the one who has a vintage matted hair, embracing the black cobra on his neck together with garlands made of Rudraksha beads, the lord who lives in Kailasha, who was the first to drink from the lake of Manasarovar, the one who destroyed the cities of Tripura with a squint of his third eye, whose neck is blue from the treacherous Haalahaala, the one who has Ganga locked in his matted mane, who holds a trident which embodies the only Damaru dancing the Cosmic Dance of Lasya & Tandava, the one who saved Markandeya from the clucthes of Yama, the lord of Ganas, and most predominantly the Lord of the Goddess who stomped-trampled-kicked him; Kali’s husband Lord Shiva!!!

Taken aback at her blameworthy act of kicking Her lord, Kali was extremely petrified over Her drunken moves, with her drunken dark self coming to a restrained mode, she took a few steps back from the unsteady body of Her lord. To this Shiva gained some conscious, with his sluggish body hurt over the severe stomping & trampling her took from Kali still cramping all over his body, he laid on the sandy grounds of gazing at the bloodcurdling face of Kali. Pointing his hands towards Kali, he grunt & woke moved his weak body to a better position, to gaze at his lady & stopped Her from crossing him over into the mortal world. 




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